Becoming the next-door discounter of choice for the festival community at Hurricane and Highfield festivals.
Product range

Penny offers 400 products at regular prices

Fan acceptance

Two-thirds of visitors at Hurricane festival shopped at Penny

Building a 2,000 sqm festival store from scratch for the festival weekend

PENNY goes Party

Connecting to the festival community

With 2,150 stores across Germany, there is always a Penny around the corner. Penny’s broad product offering of food, beverages and non-food products rests on the core values of freshness at a fair price. In its communication Penny has established itself as the neighbourhood market that caters to its customers everyday needs. Naturally, a cooperation with festivals stretches this narrative to its extreme when a 2,000 sqm store is built just for a single weekend.

For any brand, connecting with the younger generation in a relevant way is a challenge. However, with the “Penny goes Party” campaign Penny is shaping its image as the discounter for the festival generation.

Starting in 2016, Penny is building a 2,000 sqm festival-store from scratch for Hurricane Festival offering 400 products at their normal prices thus, altering the way our fans prepare for the festival. With no need to purchase everything in advance, Penny becomes the prime address for festival supply shopping and even steps in as cash machine when needed. This way, Penny offers true value to any of our 80,000 fans at the festival.

71% of fans

aim to shop at Penny stores after the festival

Expanding the success

In 2017, due to the huge success with Hurricane festival, Penny also became the discounter for our 35,000 fans at Highfield festival. Around 200 employees made sure that our fans were able to purchase anything from bbq meat to fruits and beverages from 7 AM to midnight during the festival. Penny even sponsored rikshas to transport the bags from the supermarket to the campsite.

With additional measures such as shopping discounts for recurring customers, social media interaction via #pennygoesparty and an influencer campaign to a donation point for bottles with refundable deposit, Penny anchored a friendly and supportive image in the minds of our fans.


An impressive 99% of our visitors at Hurricane festival were happy to have Penny at the festival with two-thirds of visitors actually buying products in the festival store. The brand awareness among our fans is also outstanding with 94% of fans recalling Penny as sponsor of the festivals and 71% of fans planning to purchase at Penny even after the festival.

Naturally, with this success story as a basis, Penny will continue to be the discounter of choice at Hurricane and Highfield festivals in 2018.